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Campout Schedule for 2017

Posted by Steven Meade on January 19, 2017 at 6:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Attached is the 2017 Campout Schedule for our chapter.

I will also add it to the calendar.


Campout Schedule for 2016 Season

Posted by Steven Meade on January 4, 2016 at 7:25 AM Comments comments (0)

The camput schedule for the upcoming camping season has been posted under "Campout Schedule".  Please have a look, plan to attend, and enjoy the rest of winter.

We hope to see you all in Bangor on the weekend of May 20-22, 2016.

Yours in Camping,

Anne, Matthew and Steven

St Martins - Century Farms Family Campground Outing

Posted by Steven Meade on June 19, 2015 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (0)

The River Valley Runabouts members were in need of a seafood fix and they were not disappointed with their second trip of the year to Century Farms Campground in St. Martins where the seafood was abundant this past weekend (June 12 to 14).

The second camping outing of the season was well attended and this annual trip to St. Martins for lobster is always favorite outing for chapter members. For Friday’s supper, many members headed out to a local restaurant to get an early start to this seafood weekend that they have been waiting for since last year. Saturday’s activities include breakfast (sponsored by Leisure Time RV Center), an afternoon of water toss games complete with celebrating great shots, sportsmanship and team play with a bit of jesting mixed in, potluck supper that including fresh from the sea Bay of Fundy lobster with awesome side dies and desserts. The weather this past weekend was some of the best weather we ever experienced on our trips to St. Martins with sunny days (temperature in high 20s) and warm evenings.

The River Valley Runabouts welcomed new members Ralph and Margie Clouston. Guests participating in this outing, Hub City Sams Chapter Frank and Rose Parsons, Philip and Charlene Parlee, and Arnold and Cindy Coates (Good Sam Assistant Director for New Brunswick) of Hub City Sams, Lee Winchester, Tracey Hawkco-Winchester, Midge Meade and Cole Johnson.

In summary, Members and guests enjoyed some great fellowship and meals, time for games and to catch up with friends, and a members meeting. The Chapter’s second camping outing next camping season (2016) will be back here at Century Farms Campground and we are putting our order in for the same great weather.

The group’s next camping outing will be on the weekend of July 24th when the group will be traveling to Five Islands Ocean Resort and RV Campground located in Five Islands Nova Scotia on the Glooscap Trail. This will be the first time our group will visit this campground, and should be filled with great fellowship, food and entertainment. Hope to see you all there.

Yours in Camping,

Anne and Steven

Pumpkin Patch RV Resort Camping Outing

Posted by Steven Meade on June 18, 2015 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)

The River Valley Runabouts shook off the winter doldrums and launched their 2015 Camping Season with a trip to Pumpkin Patch RV Resort in Hermon Maine this past weekend (May 15 to 18 2015).

The first camping outing of the season was well attended and is always favorite outing for chapter members. Over the course of the weekend, the group enjoyed some great fellowship and meals (potluck supper and breakfast), time for games and to catch up with friends, and a members meeting. I cannot forget to mention that certain group members were in need of some retail therapy and they were not disappointed. Sunday afternoon, there was an impromptu gathering of hockey fans cheering the Canadian Mens Hockey Team onto victory at the 2015 IIHF Mens World Championship.

The group’s first camping outing next camping season will be back here at Pumpkin Patch RV Resort.

The group’s next camping outing will be on the weekend of June 12th when the group will be traveling to St. Martins NB for their annual Lobster weekend. This outing is another group favorite, and should be filled with great fellowship, food and entertainment …. Did I mention music. Hope to see you all there.

Yours in Camping,

Anne and Steven

PEI Samboree by Joe and Pat

Posted by Steven Meade on July 19, 2010 at 2:53 PM Comments comments (1)

Hello Everyone.


Seven couples attendes the Samboree at Abrahams Village.


The weather was perfect . There were 153 couples attended up considerably from last years 132.


Busy is the best way to describe the two days Friday and Saturday. Seven of us had great fun serving breakfast on Friday morning. Our men in hair nets won first prize. Pretty coarse looking crew at seven in the morning. Looked like something out of that TV series M.A.S.H. Pretty coarse.


Games were very well attended with lots of spirit


Friday night our new banner was paraded in the march by Eric and Christina for opening cermonies. Lots of good reaction. Our crew were the first on the floor for the dance on Friday night. We have some high steppers in our gang that took a back seat to no one. Left some bad scuff marks on that rough stone floor.


The highlight of our fun was preparing to sing our song on stage Saturday night .We met at Gary's trailer at 11:30 Saturday morning to prepare. What a circus. We hatched a skit to introduce the song on stage. If there is a comedian in our crew it is Gary. We had a really funny scheme with all our lines and actors picked our. It would have been hysterical--especially with Janet on stage screaming at me ""Dont do this Joe dont do it ""

Anyway we did not do it. The auction went on so late and it was so hot we just did not have the energy at 10 oclock at night to have fun doing it. I have not seen a group laugh so hard in a long time. Hard to imagine getting so much of a kick out of something we did not do.


Eric and Christina organized the ticket draws and everyone pitched in. The bridge pass was a big hit.We did well.


Joe and Pat led off the Hobo parade which was massive.Never dreamed so many like minded people and some dandy get ups,Joe carried a tape player on his stick in a an onion bag and played Mother Maybelle Carter music along the way--Can you imagine everyone in the park out watching the parade and not one person offered one of these 100 hobos a glass of cold butter milk,a baloney sandwich or a place for overnight. Great response from everyone in the park.A big highlight of the weekend for many.Everyone all smiles.


The Sunday morning service was done by campers. So respectful and sincere .Janice Steevs of the Elm City Campers gave a short homily and so very much on the mark. All about kindness,watching out for each other and doing little things for each other along the way--including the lift we can give each other with something so simple as a warm greeting and a generous smile. What warmth she created with her brief meaningful remarks


All of us went our separate ways after the service Sunday--many were off to do things with children and grandchildren ,some in PEI, some in NB ,Gary and Joanne off to NFL.


If I was to boil down my impression of the weekend at the Samboree Pat and I would say "What an enjoyable bunch in our group and what and enjoyable weekend we shared."


Keith Steeves said to me on Saturday ""Boys you guys got life in your group--lots of spark "


What I notice is that the more our group gets to know each other the more enjoyable it is sharing a weekend .


Hope all is well with you all and Thanks Maureen and Dana for getting us launched with so much energy.


Joe and Pat

PEI 2010 Samboree

Posted by Steven Meade on July 18, 2010 at 6:11 PM Comments comments (9)


What a Hobo of a time we had in PEI at the Samporee from July 13 to July 17, 2010! Eric and Christina Winchester and Gary and Joanne Barfitt were the first to arrive at Abrams Village camp ground, on Wednesday, July 13th. They came into the grounds at the same time, having pre-arranged a get together at the Gateway for some cow (PEI side of the bridge). Wednesday was a bit wet from the rain all day, from Fredericton to PEI, but nothing could dampen our spirits. At least we picked up some free red clay to paint our rigs. (Oh, cow is the famous ice cream at Cows).


In all, we had 7 members from the River Valley Runabouts attend the Samboree: Eric and Christina Winchester; Gary and Joanne Barfitt; Warren and Lynn Mahwinney; Ron and Janet Brooks; Joe and Pat O'Neill; Ron & Treva Walker; and Howard & Priscilla Stairs. Warren, Lynn, Ron, Treva, Howard and Priscilla arrived in style on Thursday. Joe, Pat, Ron and Janet made it to the finish line on Friday.

Here are some highlights:

1. Joe, the script writer and artistic director lead us through several grueling practice sessions of our RVR song – fun was had by all.

2. With Gary’s Jimmy Hendricks’s guitar skills, Christina’s opera-like voice and excellent voices of the rest of us, we put together a performance worthy of a DVD in the near future, planned for a camp-out soon.

3. The organization of this event was outstanding. Many hands make for less work and we are proud of our contribution to this event – especially the Kitchen Patrol on Saturday morning by our Chapter members.

4. There is no argument – Joe and Pat were the best looking Hobos in the parade.

5. We raised +/- $220 for our Chapter at the craft tables. The Bridge Pass was a great idea – thanks Maureen. However, Janet’s tenacity, loud voice, determination and out-right salesmanship brought in some extra cash.

6. Saturday night turkey supper was out of this world, albeit the 95 F deg temperature at the site.

We are not complaining about the heat over the weekend on PEI. We are sure if you were in Fredericton you got it a lot worse.

There are probably many things not mentioned in the above, so please post your comments to this thread.


Eric & Christina Winchester

Second Campout 2010 St. Martin's NB

Posted by Steven Meade on June 22, 2010 at 10:37 AM Comments comments (0)

Good  food,nice people and a few good laughs make a great group. We have a great group.


        St Martins was stormed by River Valley Runabouts on the Father's Day weekend. Weather was absolutely perfect, clear blue skies and hot. Good thing for 30 amp pawer cause we needed the air conditioners. The campout started with an impromptu meet & greet beside the VP Joe O'Neills rig. Our newest members settled in very well with the rest of the crew. They found their home.


        Friday night some chpater members listened to the folks entertaining at the Century Farm Jam Session. One entertainer was enroute to Halifax for the International Fiddling Contest. If his talent was the norm for the competition it was going to be a good one. Others took a stroll along the beach as the tide was dropping. It was a little difficult to navigate through the beach stones. But many a treasure was found for member's gardens at home. And Virginia and William  just stayed put after a harrowing afternoon in St John. Unfortunately as Virginia was driving to an appointment, her car decided to have some fun. Down right nastiness I say. Second gear, second gear, that;s all she could hear. The transmisssion stuck in second gear. It was a long , hot, torturous drive to reach some help/ Finally a tow truck arrived. They had to wait till Monday to get the bad news form the mechanic.


      Saturday was a day for adventure. The weather beckoned all of us in many directions. A few early risers checked out the new Costco in St. John. It is one BIG place. Others packed lunches and headed to the Fundy Trail for beautiful vistas and fabulous views. The interpretative center showed an interesting movie on the history of the region  and all our members have their named signed into the guest book. Many of us also headed for the Sea Caves at low tide. What a place, looking straight up and you are under a sandstone cliff. Makes one feel a little nervous. And of course the wet seaweed provided cushioning for those of us who slipped. So we have pale blue bruises instead of black ones.


    Late afternoon saw the start of our Lobster feed. Forbes donned his chef's gear (See photo gallery)  and started the pot boiling. Dropped in 29 lobsters and watched as they turned red. What a sumptuousmeal. Myrtle coordinated the PotLuck with many special salads and lots of good deserts. Nothing compares to eating fresh lobster ,outdoors, with the smell of salt water wafting in the air.


    After supper, members took to walking their pets and selves. The evening ended with a chapter meeting. We won't name names of the long winded person or persons.




    It was a great weekend. Looking forward to the next campout.

Our first 2010 Campout

Posted by Steven Meade on May 30, 2010 at 1:23 PM Comments comments (1)

The River Valley Runabouts had a successful first year. Our campouts were well attended . Our members are doing a fine job of PR work. We have recruited three more rigs to our chapter. We now number 18 couples. The chapter has been busy with administrative details. We have had our name tags made and have designed our chapter vest. Members will be sporting these at the upcoming Samboree. Our banner and crest are still in the discussion stage.

Our first campout of 2010 was a success. We travelled to the Pumpkin Patch Campground ,located just outside Bangor, Maine. The Woodstock Chapter joined us there for a total of 19 rigs. Friday night we had a campfire and got to know each other. Saturday, everyone amused themselves. Many were drawn to the shopping malls .Some went sight seeing and others bicycling.

In the evening we had a delicious Pot Luck supper. Main dishes were baked ham and deep fried turkey. MMMM MMM good. The Pumpkin Patch prepared both dishes as a Thank you gift for each chapter returning to their establishment for a second campout. We had all the fixings for a feast and did we do that! Everyone had to go for a few laps around the campground to settle supper. Later in the evening, many of us gathered at the activity house to play numerous games: Dominoes, Crib or just to chat with others. It has to be said, the Montreal/Philadelphia hockey game was shown during our meal.

Our two groups have a lot of Habs fans.

Sunday morning saw Lloyd and the De-Scramblers (aka the men folk) prepared and cooked breakfast for all the ladies. We were served: scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, sausage, the homemade hash our mother's always made, baked beans, and whole wheat or white toast. The guys did a great job, only a few hiccups: no toaster, blew a breaker and had to improvise with propane stoves and borrow coffee makers. The men had a blast in their new domain, the kitchen. It was decreed by the ladies, this would become a Sunday morning campout tradition. Of course,the lads stayed and cleaned up their mess. The gals luxuriated in the sun.

With the weather being great, sunny and hot, the shopping malls provided nice air conditioning for some. Others toured the area and others again, bicycled to get an ice cream. Sunday evening was fairly quiet as people prepared to leave in the morning. For a stubborn few, we gathered by the campfire and munched on popcorn.

It was a great weekend. The only complaints were all about going through customs. Some rigs spent 1/2 to 1 hour to get through. And we were asked a wide range of questions. Have you been in trouble with the law? Have you ever been finger printed? Do you have any dog food on board? The custom officers are getting very personal with the questions.

Funny one, for the Caslakes on the return to Canada, the US Border Patrol must have had a very slow day. All the traffic was going through to Canada, no one to the USA. So they set up an earlier check point before you got to Canadian customs. The US official asked us " How much money do you have on your person?" We answered about $50, to which the custom guard inquired, "Do you have enough money to make it home?" Our answer, we'll use a credit card. Be prepared for any kind of questions from either side of the border.

Our next campout will be in June at DCentury Farm campground, St. Martin's , NB. Anyone interested in joining us at our campouts please contact one of our chapter officers, Maureen Caslake, President, Joe O'Neill, Vice President, Gary Barfitt, Treasurer or Terry Gamblin, our Wagon Master.

Good camping to all this summer!

Maureen Caslake


River Valley Runabouts

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